Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Something Magic, Unknown, Daring Me To Know

I took binoculars a few days ago
and walked out into the freezing winter night
to look for Comet Tuttle. Clouds hid that sight
from me but I saw a spectacular show.

Against the dark clouds I saw a big ‘V’ glow.
A classic ‘flying V’ UFO alright!
A ‘Phoenix Lights’ encounter for my delight!
Something magic, unknown, daring me to know.

Through my binoculars I saw it was geese
flying so low that lights from the suburb’s streets
reflected off their feathers. Birds were shining.

If I hadn’t said, ‘Show me a comet, please’
and gone to look, I wouldn’t have seen the treats.
For those who dare, magic’s always designing.

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