Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alison Dreaming Of The Ultimate Buddy Motion Picture

Call it 25 A.D. — Tiberius
was still in Rome.

Pilate was headquartered in Caesarea
but spending most

of his time in Jerusalem.
John was in the wilderness.

Herodians were busy
trying to win the hearts and minds

of the Jews to the Roman way.
Zealots were agitating

for independence. And Pilate’s wife
began having bad dreams.

That’s when the murders started.
First, the wife of a publican.

The second night the victim
was the mistress of a high priest.

A prostitute familiar
to the centurions died third.

Three deaths over three nights.
But more. The women had connections.

The radicals. The reactionaries.
The lunatic fringe.

Pilate became involved.
His agents told him something was up,

but they couldn’t discern what.
Pilate knew and understood Rome.

The politics of empire.
More importantly, Pilate knew

and understood that his Jewish contacts
had vested interests.

They were limited, defined
by their involvements, commitments.

To find the killer, solve the mystery,
keep the peace, Pilate knew

and understood he needed
an ally from among the Jews.

Someone knowledgeable,
yet independent. Pilate’s agents

told him of a young Jew
from Nazareth, an itinerant

preacher, intimately versed in Scripture,
a teacher, as yet

with no students. Pilate turned
to this man. Pilate met with him.

The two had to find the killer,
solve the mystery, keep the peace.

This is the story
of Pilate and Jesus. Their first meeting.

Their struggle to uncover
an evil vastly greater than

anything either one of them
ever could have imagined.

Before the apostles,
the ministry, the arrest and trial,

before the confrontation
of the Roman man and the Christ,

they were just men, just two men
tracking a psychotic killer.

Blood In The TempleA Pilate and Jesus Mystery


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