Friday, July 28, 2006

The Road To Magonia

A couple days back

at our library

the pretty young girl

always dressed in black

was dressed in all white.

I bought a ticket

for the lottery

but it didn’t win.

I blame Tricia but

I think only courts

in Magonia

would uphold my claim.


is like that. Also

it isn’t like that.

When Tricia comes in

all pink like Paris

I’ll buy two tickets

for the lottery.

And I’ll ask her out.


makes up its own rules

and you never know

what connects to what.

You never know but

even if Tricia

wore a pink beret

and a pink sun dress

and pink high-heel shoes

I wouldn’t extend

my credit limit

until I really

won the lottery

and I wouldn’t buy

tickets for a show

until she said ‘Yes.’

Whatever colors

the signs are flashing

I enjoy this trip

and the gentle rain

that washes away

chance frowns on the road

to Magonia.

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